Welcome to KIlkennyTagRugby.com

Welcome to the brand new website for Kilkenny Tag Rugby. Entries are now open and this year we are delighted to accept entries from TEAMS but also from INDIVIDUAL players who will then allocate to individual teams. We have made some exciting changes this year which you can see in the opposite column. As a result we have ever so slightly increased the entry fees. However team entry is STILL ONLY €3 per person when divided by the 9 weeks so it is still excellent value. We are also VERY close to announcing a title sponsor for Tag Rugby, we can't say any more than it will be a major drinks company and it isn't Antonia Banderas! See you all in May

  • Starts Thursday May 11th
  • Limited to 24 teams
  • Strictly over 16 years of age
  • Bigger, fully marked out pitches
  • 50 minute matches ensuring you got more action for your squad
  • Male and Female shower facilities
  • Full PA Sound system on both pitches
  • Drinks Promotions and other social events
  • Fully integrated website with fixtures, results and league tables

  • 7pm Pitch 1:

    Nothing Friendly

    3 Store

    7pm Pitch 2

    No Scrubs


    7pm Pitch 3

    The young and the rest of us

    Beer to the ground

    7pm Pitch 4

    No Women no try


    7pm Pitch 5


    VHI TRY-ranosaurus Rex

    7pm Pitch 6

    Callan Macra

    Keenan Boys

    8pm Pitch 1

    Sons of Pitches

    Scrum & Coke

    8pm Pitch 2

    Rag Tags

    Turtle Power

    8pm Pitch 3

    ReALE Madrid


    8pm Pitch 4

    KK BaaBaas

    Biddy Earlys

    8pm Pitch 5

    The Newpark Hotel


    8pm Pitch 6

    The Sidesteppers

    Repeat players from R1


    Mules and Banners cannot field until May 18th

  • List of results to go here